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Photographs of students, faculty and staff.


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Individual portraits of faculty, students and staff.

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Student Life


Oversized photographs

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Photographs of students, faculty and staff., 1890-2008 | National Louis University Archives and Special Collections

By Sarah Goenne; Nathaniel Wilson

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Collection Overview

Title: Photographs of students, faculty and staff., 1890-2008View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates:1920 to 1990

ID: 13/001

Primary Creator: Public Relations and Communications Department

Other Creators: Advancement Office, Alumni Association, Alumni Relations, Office of, Publications Department, Student Affairs, Office of

Extent: 3.7 Linear Feet

Arrangement: Grouped by name of the person in the photograph, or by the event depicted in the photograph.

Subjects: Alumnae and alumni, Athletics, Baker Demonstration School, Children & adults, College campuses, College presidents, Dormitories, Early childhood education, Educational methods and techniques, Elementary school teaching, Fund raising, Graduation ceremonies, Hazing, Laboratory schools, Photographs, School children, Students, Teachers, Teachers colleges, Teaching, Universities and colleges--Administration, Universities and colleges--Faculty

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Photographs National-Louis University students, faculty alumni and staff involved in various activities related to the university as well as portraits of individuals.  Some of the activities include theater productions, alumni events, athletics, student academic and non-academic activities, college class work, faculty/staff business, commencement photographs, trustee events and special events for speakers or performances.

Biographical Note


The primary duty of the Public Relations Department is to generate and distribute information about programs, people and events at the university to people in media, such as television, radio, newspapers and special interest groups.  The goal of this information is to spread awareness about the university and its activities, encourage accurate news coverage about NLU’s initiatives and special projects, promote the prestige of NLU to people inside and outside the university.

The Public Relations Department work is not directed at bringing in new students or revenue.  While work in the communications department may increase revenue, it is a secondary benefit and not primary. 

Examples of items produced by the Public Relations department are: press releases, news clippings that are the result of press releases, news reports that are the result of press releases, interviews with reporters, official statements to the press, media/expert directories, information tools for people in the media, press kits for members of the press attending an NLU event, graduation information, Inside NLU newsletter, white papers, information/photographs from special events and other photographs of NLU.

Development, Growth (Past):

For the past several decades, the Public Relations Department was a sub-division of Public Affairs along with Government Relations and Publications.  Recently these departments became part of the larger department of Marketing and Communications, which includes Public Relations, Government Relations, Publications and Marketing.

Structure (Present):

See NLU_PublicRelations_OrganizationChart.pdf in administrative histories folder.

Special considerations for organization of records:

Press releases are often compiled by an outside company and should be kept in their original order.  The news clippings that result from these press releases should be kept with or near their corresponding press releases.  Clippings are often assembled into binders by a clipping service.  Cision is our clipping service as of 2008-10-30.  These two items are part of the same process and together tell a story about NLU’s interaction

While Public Relations/Communications and Marketing are separate departments, some of their activities overlap.  In addition now they are both sub-departments of the Marketing and Communications Department.  Because of these connections, Communications/Public Relations and Marketing should each be their own series, but should be both physically adjacent and linked in the metadata file if need be.

Subject/Index Terms

Alumnae and alumni
Baker Demonstration School
Children & adults
College campuses
College presidents
Early childhood education
Educational methods and techniques
Elementary school teaching
Fund raising
Graduation ceremonies
Laboratory schools
School children
Teachers colleges
Universities and colleges--Administration
Universities and colleges--Faculty

Administrative Information

Repository: National Louis University Archives and Special Collections

Access Restrictions: Most of these photographs are not digitized and can only be viewed in the archives.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Individual portraits of faculty, students and staff.],
[Series 2: Classes by year],
[Series 3: Student Life],
[Series 4: Athletics, 1920 to 1990],
[Series 6: Oversized photographs, Ca. 1890 to ca. 1940],

Series 1: Individual portraits of faculty, students and staff.View associated digital content.
Box 1
Folder 1: Abene, Bob
Folder 2: Adams, Agnes, 1954 to 1980
[Hall of Honor 1980; pictured with Faith Rolston of India 1954. traveling with Japanese men]
Folder 3: Administrators
Ed Stock, Ed Risinger, Ed Rund
Folder 4: Annis, Sue
Folder 5: Archer, Roselma
Folder 6: Badzewski, Ludwig
Folder 7: Bagg, Dick, 1972 to 1973
Theater - died summer 1985
Folder 8: Baglio, Joe
School of Arts and Sciences
Folder 9: Bair, Carolyn, 1978-09-17
Student Affairs
Folder 10: Baker, Clara Belle
Folder 11: Barbee, John, 1972 to 1973
Folder 12: Barman, Sissy
Folder 13: Barnett, Martha
Folder 14: Barr, Rebecca
Folder 15: Bauernfeind, R. H.
Folder 16: Bastin, Judith
Folder 17: Bates, Mark
Folder 18: Belchak, Kathy
Folder 19: Belgrad, Susan
Folder 20: Bennison, Ann
Folder 21: Bergman, Sherrill
Folder 22: Berkland, Josette
Folder 23: Bertani, Al
Folder 24: Bills, Mrs. H. Wilfred
Folder 25: Blachowicz, Camille
Folder 26: Camille Blachowicz's students
Folder 27: Bila, Mike
Folder 28: Bloom, Darrell
Folder 29: Bloom, Paula Jorde
Folder 30: Blus, Pat
[Also pictures of her in faculty follies folder fall 1973]
Folder 31: Bonner, Barbara
Folder 32: Bonner, Duane
Folder 33: Boubjerg, Viggio
Folder 34: Boyd, Joseph
Folder 35: Boyer, Don
Young People's Science Encyclopedia presentation
Folder 36: Breed, Patricia
Folder 37: Brewster, Cheryl
Folder 38: Bujewski, Teddi
Folder 39: Bundra, Judy
Folder 40: Burnham, Donna
Folder 41: Byington, Virginia
Director Baker Demonstration School
Folder 42: Burns, Betty
Folder 43: Butler, Rita
Folder 44: Cameron, Cathy
Folder 45: Capron, Florence Snowden
Folder 46: Caton, Joan
Folder 47: Cass, B.
Folder 48: Chalberg, Alfreda
Folder 49: Challand, Helen
Picture of faculty meeting left to right Roberta Anderson, Helen Challand, Ida Simmons, Dobbs, Francis T. wilson
Folder 50: Chandler, Dr.
Folder 51: Chapin, Bill
Folder 52: Christensen, Judith
Folder 53: Christian, Richard, Associate Dean
Folder 54: Clarke, Bob
Folder 55: Clary, Sonja
[Smaller picture also includes Janet Dawes]
Folder 56: Claus, Cal
Folder 57: Clayborne, David
Folder 58: Cobb, Ed, 1973
Picture of him in faculty follies folder singing.  Fall
Folder 59: Collins, Annette
Folder 60: Corbin, Denee
Folder 61: Cornelius, Alice
Folder 62: Cousins, Lloyd, 1972 to 1973
[Retired faculty, picture with Jean Joboul, -former faculty members honored, President's home, June 1980]
Folder 63: Coyne, Minerva
Folder 64: Crames, Joel
[With National College of Education  Associates]
Folder 65: Crawford, Winnie Mae
Folder 66: Creighton, Tom
Field Experience
Folder 67: CYC Conference
[Ann Thurman Reg. Chairman, Donald Doyle, Program Chairman, Mrs, R.M. Lindman, Local Arrangements Chairman]
Folder 68: Daniels, Harvey
Folder 69: David, Debra
Folder 70: Davis, Bob
Folder 71: Davis, Louise
Folder 72: Dean, Loraine
Folder 73: De Gryse,Virginia Gorman, 1972 to 1973
Folder 74: Delp, Harold, 1962
Folder 75: Devlin-Scherer, Roberta
Folder 76: Dewes, Jan
Folder 77: Dopyera, John
Folder 78: Dotson, Dave
Folder 79: Eggleston, Pat
Folder 80: Ellor, Jim
Folder 81: English, Marvin
Folder 82: Erickson, Carol
Folder 83: Ewald, Sara
Folder 84: Fabrizio, Cindy
Folder 85: Faculty Follies, [ca. 1973]
Folder 86: Faculty Group Picture
[Helen Challand, Avis Moore, Cal Claus]
Folder 87: Faulkner, Georgene, [ca. 1880]
[Pictured with Louise Westerwelt left and -----Middleson, right]
Folder 88: Fei, Elizabeth Cornish, 1913 to 1914
[Faculty -National Kindegarten College with daughter Rose Fei Chang, son Albert Fei and son-in-law Dr. K.T. Chang- picture in Foreign International Student folder]
Folder 89: Filleman, Paula
Folder 90: Fischer, Peter
Folder 91: Fisher, Dr. J.
Folder 92: Former Faculty Reunion, 1984-06
[Participants listed on back of picture]
Folder 93: Fornier, Kit
Folder 94: Galbreath, Hal, 1967
Science Teacher
Folder 95: Galowich, Rita
Folder 96: Galvarro, Pauline
[Picture in student group folder for 1959 dorm renovation] picture with Miss Adams, Sally Brut and Mrs. Margaret Gordon
Folder 97: Gasperec, Sue
Folder 98: Gehant, Marilyn
Director of Individual giving- National College of Education
Folder 99: German, Diane
Folder 100: Gierut, Maxine
Folder 101: Goss, F.
Folder 102: Graham C.R. (Skip)
[Former faculty librarian- Louisville Free Public Library]
Folder 103: Grafman, Dayton, 1966
[Talks with Parents Advisory Council]
Folder 104: Grafman, Laura
[Has picture of she and Dayton]
Folder 105: Gray, Betsy
Folder 106: Grandstrand, Delores
Folder 107: Greising, Bob
Folder 108: Grossman, Claire
Folder 109: Gunnerson, Carolyn
Folder 110: Haarvig, Karen
Folder 111: Hagstrom, David.
Folder 112: Hall, Gus
Folder 113: Hannah, Arthur
Folder 114: Harth, Bob
Folder 115: Hartman, Bob
Administrative Staff
Folder 116: Heads of Doctoral Program
[Camille Blachowicz and Rebecca Barr, rdg., John Klanderman, School Psych, Judy Christenson Inst. Leadership]
Folder 117: Heck, Glenn
Folder 118: Henderson, Cheryl
Folder 119: Henry, David
Folder 120: Hepner, Cynthia
[Alumnae focus]
Folder 121: Herman, Peggy
Folder 122: Hermann, Mary Louise
Folder 123: Hillebrand, John
Folder 124: Hillerich, Robert
Folder 125: Holm, Cheryl
Folder 126: Holmes, Delores
Folder 127: Hooper, Laura
Folder 128: Howard, Harriett
Folder 129: Howe, Harriett
Folder 130: Hudson, Katherine
[Junior kindergarten teacher-one picture has student teachers Kathy Cedoz and Janice Slossen]
Folder 131: Hull, Gordon
Folder 132: Hunter, Marjorie
Folder 133: Hurst, Shirley
Folder 134: Hyde, Art
Folder 135: Jenkins, Jerry
Folder 136: Jennings, Kathy
Folder 137: Jewet, Jan
Folder 138: Joboul, Jean
Folder 139: Johnson
Folder 140: Johnson, Barb
Folder 141: Johnson, Dorothy
Folder 142: Johnson, K. Richard
pictured with Sandra Blonder (1966 Scholarships) and Jill Peterson - dorm move in [other picture in folder for dorm renovation 1959]
Folder 143: Johnson, Sam
Folder 144: Johnston, Chris
Folder 145: Jones, Carol
Folder 146: Jose, Paul
Folder 147: Kaplan, Ron
Folder 148: Karr, Jo Ann
Folder 149: Kaufman, Allen and Nadine
Folder 150: Kawin, Ethel
Folder 151: Kearney, Mary Jane
Folder 152: Kearns, Mabel
Folder 153: Kerstein, Susan
Folder 154: Kidder, Bob, 1967-04
[Other pictures: Drama Club picture for 1965 with students;  also, World of Carl Sandburg play picture in student group pictures. In pictures from the Closed Circuit project.  Chairmen of Fine Arts Departments-Robert Kidder, Lloyd Cousins, Jean Joboul]
Folder 155: Kirchenbaum, Neal
Folder 156: Kiser, Elizabeth, 1992-12
Folder 157: Klanderman, John
[Evanston Campus Graduate School faculty]
Folder 158: Klekamp, Ursula
[Baker Demonstration School staff?]
Folder 159: Knowles, Malcolm
Folder 160: Kohler, Mrs.
Folder 161: Kohlanat, Caroline
Folder 162: Kolemainen, Beth
Folder 163: Kraft, Jean
Folder 164: Kromclow, Susan
Folder 165: Kuschman, William
Folder 166: Labella, Tressa
Folder 167: Land, Michael
Folder 168: Landau, Marsha S.
Graduate School Math and Science Education
Folder 169: Lazarevic, Jordanka
Folder 170: Lee, Priscilla
Folder 171: Leifeste, Bertha V.
Student teaching dept (3rd from right with seniors Cynthia Hicks, Judith Kaplan, Joann Mantelman, Mariann Callison, Harriet Sollo, Naoma Deutsch ) discussing school and community relationships
Folder 172: Lehman, Diana
Folder 173: Lemmons, Pat
Folder 174: Lerner, Janet
Folder 175: Lester, Marilyn
Picture with Mary Alice Freeman
Folder 176: Library 1966- Hank McEvoy and Barbara Eden
Folder 177: Lincoln, Wanda
Folder 178: Lindman, Margaret RohnerView associated digital content.
[Mrs. Richard M.]
Folder 179: Lindquist, M.
Folder 180: Livingson, Debra
Folder 181: Longhead, L
Folder 182: Lowry, Nelson
Folder 183: Lyons, Debi
Folder 184: Lyne, Jean
Folder 185: Macintyre, Ethel, 1964
[picture also held in folder on principal's meeting 1972-03-02]
Folder 186: Mac Lennan, Nellie
Folder 187: Mackert, Sally
Folder 188: Malach, John P
Avery Coonley School
Folder 189: Manes, Jodie
Folder 190: Marguarat, Lynn
Folder 191: Markle, Joyce
Folder 192: Marshall, Dan
Folder 193: Martin, Mary Ellen
Graduate faculty, field experience
Folder 194: Martinson, Eileen
Folder 195: McCollister, Robbie
Folder 196: McCarthy, Lynn
Folder 197: McCaslin, Nellie
Director of Dramatics
Folder 198: Mc Collister, Robbie
Folder 199: McElroy, Frances
Folder 200: McFarland, Suzanne
Folder 201: McGrath, Pat
Folder 202: McLean, Patti, 1986
picture of soccer players
Folder 203: Meriwether, Sudi
Folder 204: Merner, Marianna
Folder 205: Migra, Ethel
Folder 206: Miller
Folder 207: Milne, Inez
Folder 208: Monroe, Peggy
Folder 209: Moore, Avis
Folder 210: Morris, Darrell
Graduate  Faculty
Folder 211: Morrow, Sharon
Folder 212: Mount, Etta
Folder 213: Mozer, Lisa
Folder 214: Murphy, Chris
Folder 215: Murphy, Paul
Folder 216: Myers, Robert V.
Folder 217: NLU Registration Administration
Folder 218: Nall, Angie
Folder 219: Nelson
Folder 220: Nelson, Norma
Folder 221: Neulist, Phyllis
Folder 222: Noonan-Pusateri, Judith
Folder 223: Odendorf, Dorothy
Folder 224: Ogle, Donna
Folder 225: Oliver, Dorothy
Folder 226: Owen, Audrey
Folder 227: Owens, Bill
Folder 228: Palmer, Mary Watson
Director of Development- National College of Education
Folder 229: Park, Wook, 1983-07
Korean delegation-National College of Education faculty Wook Park 2nd row right
Folder 230: Pennington, Linda
Folder 231: Perney, Jan
School of Education Faculty
Folder 232: Pink, Bill
Folder 233: Phillips, Greg
Folder 234: Pyle, Maurine
Folder 235: Primack, Barbara
Folder 236: Rainville, Jane
Folder 237: Ramaeker, Sr. Laverne
Folder 238: Ramsey, Lee
Folder 239: Reddin, Mary, 1957-05-07
[NCE Instructor University of Hawaii, with Helen C. Reed 2nd grade supervisor]
Folder 240: Rees, Janet
Director of placement
Folder 241: Rhoden, Myrtle
Folder 242: Risinger, Ed
Folder 243: Ritter, Mrs.
Student Services
Folder 244: Roberts, Mabel, 1940-04-17
[Freshman housemother with Mrs. Carter in one of the pictures]
Folder 245
Folder 246: Robinson, Bill
Folder 247: Roeckelmann, Rosemary Irvine
Folder 248: Rom, Charles
Folder 249: Rucker, Dr.
Folder 250: Ruffee, Dorothy
Folder 251: Ramowski, Audrey
Folder 252: Rund, Ed
Folder 253: Salvio, Paula
Folder 254: Sander, Wayne
Folder 255: Savali, Iutitz T.
Folder 256: Scheinbaum, Sandi
Graduate Faculty
Folder 257
Folder 258: Schneider, Mary
Folder 259: Scherer, Wade Devlin
Folder 260: Schwinghammer, Tony
Folder 262: Sedzielarz, Maija
Folder 263: Seidner, Stan
Folder 264: Shaffner, C. Louise
Folder 265: (Shaker?), Paul
Folder 266: Sheldon, Vera
Folder 267: Shriver, Kay
Folder 268: Simmons, Ida
Folder 269: Smith, Liz
Folder 270: Smith, Rita
School of Education faculty
Folder 271: Smutny, Joan
[School of Education faculty, Evanston. high school workshop picture included with students John Regner from So, Dakota, Kirk Brown from California Rochelle Hawkins Chicago.]
Folder 272: Staley, Wren
Folder 273: Stanley-House, Kathie
Assistant Director of Placement
Folder 274
Folder 275: Steinberg,June
[Included in a picture with Sandi Mullen-Sciera]
Folder 276: Stevens, Lillian
Folder 277: Stevens, Marcia
Folder 278: Stoddard, Ann
Folder 279: Stone, Mark
Folder 280: Storke, Ed
School of Arts and Science Faculty
Folder 281: Storrn, Dr.
Folder 282: Stowe, Carol
Folder 283: Strauss, Gail Kligerman
Admissions Director
Folder 284: Stunard, Art
Folder 285: Student teaching Staff, 1978-09-18
M. Tauber, N. Leonard, M. Wolff, B. Primack, W. Oldendorf, M. Rhoden, P. McCann
Folder 286: Sturrock, Alan
Folder 287: Sykes, Suzanne
Folder 288: Tafel, Linda
Graduate Faculty
Folder 289: Tarnoff, Eileen
Box 2
Folder 290: Tartre, Lindsey
Folder 291: Tatel, Faye
Folder 292: Tauber, Mildred, 1972-03-2
Picture in folder about a principals meeting
Folder 293: Taylor, Marguerite Caulkins
Folder 294: Toloff, J. D.
Folder 295: Tooredman, Kathy
Folder 296: Trembly, Debbie
Folder 297: Trafton, Paul
Folder 298: Troyer, Lewis, [1960?]
Folder 299: Turkiewicz, Camille
Folder 300: Turner, Sandy
[Computer classes, possibly as part of a continuting education program]
Folder 301: Tyksinski, Charlotte
Folder 302: Tysinski, Ralph
Folder 303: Vanasco, Lourdes
Folder 304: Vanderveer, Marie
Folder 305: Vaughan, Margaret
Folder 306: Vincent, Stuart
Folder 307: Vinson, Drama teacher
Folder 308: Visiting speaker, 1985
[Camille Blachowicz and Darrell Moore with visiting speaker Marie Clay]
Folder 309: Wagmeister, Carol
Folder 310: Wagner, B.J.
Folder 311: Ward, Anderson J.
Folder 312: Warwick, Ron
[Graduate Faculty]
Folder 313: Wassman, Lucille
Folder 314: Watkins, Brenda
Folder 315: Watson, Barbara
Folder 316: Weaver, Donna
Folder 317: Weeks, Betty
Folder 318: Weidemann, Elaine
Folder 319: Weiler, Jessie
Coordinator of Alumnae Activities
Folder 320: Weinberg, Rita
Folder 321: Weller, Dorothy
Folder 322: Whitaker, Karen
Folder 323: Whitcomb, Mary, 1931 to 1932
"Miss Biln" in old fashioned photos
Folder 324: Whitlemore, Martha
Folder 325: Widlak, Frederick
Folder 326: Williams, Anne Goodwin
Folder 327: Wong, Ovid
Folder 328: Woosley, Norma Apel
Folder 329: Wright, Richard
Folder 330: Yanow, Wendy, 1982-01
Extension Services Coordinator
Folder 331: Yoder, John, ca. 1970
National College of Education producer pictured with Dr. Ralph Lieber, Theodore Kamatos, Ludwig Bodzewski [filed in TV -NBC show]
Folder 332: Zawojewski, Judy

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Individual portraits of faculty, students and staff.],
[Series 2: Classes by year],
[Series 3: Student Life],
[Series 4: Athletics, 1920 to 1990],
[Series 6: Oversized photographs, Ca. 1890 to ca. 1940],

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