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Baker, Edna Dean (1883-1956), papers, 1905-1956

By Mark Burnette

Collection Overview

Title: Baker, Edna Dean (1883-1956), papers, 1905-1956

Predominant Dates:1916-1949

ID: 12/002

Creator: Baker, Edna Dean (1883-1956)

Extent: 1.5 Linear Feet

Languages: English [eng]

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Personal papers, correspondence, published works, manuscripts, addresses and scrapbooks of Edna Dean Baker.  Materials are from her time as  a Kindergartener in training, as a teacher and as the president of National Kindergarten and Elementary College and National College of Education, now National Louis University.

Biographical Note

President of National-Louis University from 1920-1949.  Early student of Elizabeth Harrison in the 1910's.

Administrative Information

Processing Information: Described at the folder level.

Box and Folder Listing

Box 1: Correspondence, 1917 to 1955
Box 1
Folder 1: Correspondence re: National Kindergarten and Elementary College students visiting Chicago area kindergartens., 1917-04
Folder 2: 2 letters from Stella Louis Wood re:  International Kindergarten Union Conference., 1918-05
Folder 3: Edna Dean Baker correspondence with Elizabeth Harrison., [1922-1927]
Folder 4: Edna Dean Baker letter to Social Progress (magazine) with biographical sketch of Elizabeth Harrison., 1923
Folder 5: Edna Dean Baker correspondence with Merritt Starr (counsel to National Kindergarten and Elementary College 1922-31 and pres. of Board, 1926-31)., 1923 to 1930
Folder 6: Correspondence among Ethel Shepherd, Mabel [Kearns?], Mrs. Borland and Edna Dean Baker re Elizabeth Harrison's pension., 1925-07
Folder 7: Edna Dean Baker correspondence regarding Elizabeth Harrison (including Jane Addams)., 1927
Folder 8: Correspondence with Alumnae, 1920s-1940s (including Bertha Covell, Twin City Alumnae Chapter; Margaret Trace; Angela Chandler; Julia Billings; Anna Betts; Laura Cragin; Alice Fitts), 1920 to 1940
Folder 9: Edna Dean  Baker Correspondence, telegrams, postcards descriptions from Europe., 1928 SummerView associated digital content.
Folder 10: Edna Dean  Baker correspondence with Belle Woodson., 1928
Folder 11: Letters to Edna Dean Baker from Francis M. Arnold., 1929 Summer
Folder 12: Edna Dean  Baker Correspondence related to Curriculum Records of the Children's School / National College of Education (Evanston, IL: National College of Education, 1932, 1940)., 1932
Folder 13: Edna Dean  Baker letters to National College of Education from Japan., 1932-07
Folder 14: Edna Dean  Baker Letter to the American Kindergarten Training School in Sofia, Bulgaria., 1939-04-05
Folder 15: Letters to parents re: Weekend overnights, Children's School health., ca. 1942
Folder 16: Correspondence regarding Student Recruitment., ca. 1942
Folder 17: Correspondence regarding BOT, Fundraising, etc.., ca. 1942
Folder 18: Edna Dean  Baker letter to Mary Neuman., 1953
Folder 19: Correspondence from National College of Education soliciting reminiscences about Edna Dean Baker, 1955., 1955
Box 2: Articles and Addresses, 1917 to 1949
Box 2
Folder 1: Edna Dean Baker, What Should a Kindergarten Child Know When Entering First Grade?, Chicago, 1917 (Pamphlet, 2 copies)., 1917
Folder 2: Edna Dean Baker, What It Means to Be a Teacher of Little Children, ("Address by Edna Dean Baker, Associate President, National Kindergarten and Elementary College (formerly the Chicago Kindergarten College), before the Vocational Conference at the Englewood High School, Chicago, May, 1920"), [Before 1920]
Folder 3: Edna Dean Baker, "New Buildings are Authorized," Our Guidon, Vol. 1, No. 1, Sept. 8, 1922 (photocopy)., 1922-09-08
Folder 3 is missing, however, Sept. 1922 issue of Our Guidon is available for reference through the Archives and Special Collections.
Folder 4: Edna Dean Baker, "New Objectives in Training Teachers for the Kindergartens of Today," The Kindergarten and First Grade, Vol. 8, No. 5, May 1923, pp. 184-89 (entire issue, published by Milton Bradley Co.)., 1923-05
Folder 5: Edna Dean Baker, "The Kindergarten Promotion Standard or What the Primary Teacher May Expect of the Kindergarten Child," Oregon Education Journal, Vol. 2, No. 6, March 1928, pp. 10, 31-33 (entire issue)., 1928-03
Folder 6: Edna Dean Baker, "The Teachers College Meets Individual Differences," Childhood Education, Vol. 5, No. 2, October 1928., 1928-10
Folder 7: Edna Dean Baker, "The Coming of Spring to a Child," Babyhood, March 1930, Vol. XLVI, No. III, pp. 51-52 (entire issue)., 1930-03
Folder 8: Edna Dean Baker, "The Relation of the Kindergarten to the Elementary School," American Childhood, Vol. 15, No. 9, May 1930 (published by the Milton Bradley Co., entire issue)., 1930-05
Folder 9: Edna Dean Baker, "The Nursery School Child," Graded Elementary Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 1, October 1931, pp. 2-3.  (Entire issue), 1931-10
Folder 10: Edna Dean Baker, "The Nursery Child Grows," Graded Elementary Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 2, November 1931, pp. 2-4.  (Entire issue), 1931-11
Folder 11: Edna Dean Baker, "The Play of the Three-Year-Old," Graded Elementary Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 3, December 1931, pp. 4-5.  (Entire issue), 1931-12
Folder 12: Edna Dean Baker, "The Emotional Life and Child Guidance," Graded Elementary Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 4, January 1932, pp. 2-3.  (Entire issue), 1932-01
Folder 13: Edna Dean Baker, "Materials for Each Child's Needs," American Childhood, Vol. 18, No. 1, September 1932, pp. 8-10 (entire issue, published by Milton Bradley Co.), 1932-09
Folder 14: Edna Dean Baker, "Education for the Very Young," Radio Broadcast.  "National Congress of Parents and Teachers," 6 pp.(typescript); "Education for the Very Young," handwritten notes, 10 pp., 1935-12-11
Folder 15: Edna Dean Baker, "The Role of the Elementary Teacher in Guidance," Presentation at Northwestern University Conference on Guidance and Student Personnel Work, (2 versions, 6 pp. typescript, with conference program and letter from Frank Endicott, Dean of the NU School of Education)., 1936-11-21
Folder 16: Edna Dean Baker, "The Nursery School in Public School Education," ("Summary of address given at Public Luncheon Forum, Woman's City Club, Chicago, Friday, April 30 [1937]"), [1937-04-30]
Folder 17: Edna Dean Baker, "Value of Sensory Experiences," The Elementary Teacher, Vol. XIV, No. 3, March 1941, pp. 102-104 (entire issue)., 1941-03
Folder 18: Edna Dean Baker, "Sensory Experiences and the Child's Religion," The Elementary Magazine, Vol. XV, No. 3, March 1941, pp. 98-100 (entire issue)., 1941-03
Folder 19: Edna Dean Baker, "Address to Governing Board Meeting, Autumn 1941" (manuscript and typescript)., 1941 Autumn
Folder 20: Edna Dean Baker, "Discipline in Human Relations," Our Guidon, Summer 1948, pp. 3, 14 (entire issue)., 1948 Summer
Folder 21: Edna Dean Baker, "As I have known him . . .," (article about new president K. Richard Johnson in an unidentified National College of Education publication, photocopy)., [ca. 1949]
Box 3: Manuscripts, 1917 to 1951
Sub-Series 1: By Edna Dean Baker and dated
Box 3
Folder 1: Edna Dean Baker, "Value of the Kindergarten," (2 copies), 1917
Folder 2: Edna Dean Baker, [NU?] Thesis:  "Student Participation in the Government of Schools with Special Reference to Colleges.", [After 1921]
Folder 3: Edna Dean Baker? "Understanding the Kindergarten Child." (3 pp., typescript)., [After 1935]
Folder 4: Edna Dean Baker, "The Kindergarten in 1937" (3 pp. typescript, 10 pp. handwritten).View associated digital content.
Folder 5: Edna Dean Baker, "Child's Questions about the Universe and the Supreme Being" (3 pp. typescript, 4 pp. handwritten; "for World Education," with related correspondence from the World Federation of Education Associations)., 1937
Folder 6: Edna Dean Baker, "How do we get Character?"  (3 pp. typescript, 7 pp. handwritten; with related correspondence with the Georgia Association for Childhood Education)., 1938-09
Folder 7: Edna Dean Baker, "Article for Chaff," (1 p., typescript), 1938-09
Folder 8: Edna Dean Baker, "Alice Smith Comes to College,"  (2 pp. typescript, 6 pp. handwritten; promotional literature)., [ca. 1939 to 1940]
Folder 9: Edna Dean Baker, "What is Religion for a Little Child?" (6 pp. typescript; an "article"), 1939-02
Folder 10: Edna Dean Baker, "At Atlanta," the 46th annual Association for Childhood Education convention, (3 pp. typescript, 3 pp. handwritten)., 1939 Easter
Folder 11: Edna Dean Baker?  "Special Mention I" (Elizabeth Harrison) and "Special Mention II" (Mrs. John N. Crouse), (2 pp. typescript each)., 1951
Sub-Series 2: Other
Box 3
Folder 12: Dr. Fred J. Kelly, "Teacher Education as a Liberal Education," (10 pp., typescript), address given at the 50th Anniversary program., 1936-05
Sub-Series 3: By Edna Dean Baker but un-dated
Box 3
Folder 13: Edna Dean Baker, Miscellaneous poems and prayers.
Folder 14: Edna Dean Baker,? Two pages, "Summary" and "Questions" about "Character," (pages 28-29 of something).
Folder 15: Edna Dean Baker,? "In the town of Nazareth . . ." (2 copies edited, 2 pp. typescript).
Folder 16: Edna Dean Baker, "Religion in Camp" (5 pp. typescript).
Folder 17: Edna Dean Baker, "Why Attend the Summer Session?" (2 pp. typescript, 6 pp. handwritten; promotional literature).
Folder 18: Edna Dean Baker,? "Material for Recreation Pamphlet," (2 copies,4 pp., typescript; promotional literature).
Sub-Series 4: Author Unknown
Box 3
Folder 19: Author? "To write an article from a 'mental hygiene' point of view . . . ." (8 pp, typescript)., [After 1933]
Folder 20: Author? "Report on Study of Questionnaire to Parents," "Report on Study of Church Schools,"  (11 pp., typescript), 1936-04
Folder 21: Author? "Parents' Problems in Religious Education" Report of the General Meeting, Edna Dean Baker leader (2 pp., typescript).
Folder 22: Author? "Will you Please State your Personal Concept of God," (2 pp., typescript)
Folder 23: Author? "The Status of Women in the Teaching Profession Compared with their Status in Other Lines of Remunerative Work," Faculty Women's Club (7 pp., typescript)., 1939-01-07
Folder 24: Author? "Teaching as a Profession," (3 pp, typescript)
Box 4: Miscellaneous records and related materials
Box 4
Folder 1: EDB- The Evanston Elementary School Announcment
Folder 2: "Greetings from the president", ca. 1921
Folder 3: Journal of National Education Assn., Dec. 1924
Folder 4: EDB- "Let's make her 10th anniversary..."
Folder 5: EDB- Bios, CVs, Tributes, etc., 1920s-1950s
Folder 6: Educational Events in Chicago, Oct. 1935
Folder 7: The Kindergarten Centennial, 1937
Folder 8: Guidance as Self-Revalation" Lecture by Dr. George Stoddard at NCE, July 1932
Folder 9: EDB/ CBB Christmas Cards
Folder 10: EDB- Homcoming Luncheon, May 7, 1969
Folder 11: EDB memorial service materials, 1956, BOT statement on reciept of EDB portrait
Folder 12: Biographical sketch of Muriel Betts by her father
Folder 13: N.K.E.C. Christmas card, n.d.
Folder 14: Laura Craigin death notice, n.d.
Folder 15: Postcards of Java, n.d.
Folder 16: EDB sewing designs
Folder 17: Brown stencils, "Camel Crossing the Desert", EDB
Folder 18: Brown stencils- "Chariot Driver" (in pieces), EDB
Box 5: Oversized Documents - Separated from other Edna Dean Baker Documents, Ca. 1900-10
High School Diploma, College Diplomas. Also includes documents belonging to her sister, Clara Belle Baker.
Box 6: Edna Dean Baker's scrapbook of Kindergarten Work.
Series 1
Item 7: Expense ledger for N.K.E.C., 1921-22