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Overview of National-Louis University's Archives and Special Collections

Personal Papers of People Central to NLU History

Papers of Elizabeth Harrison (1849-1927), Founder and President 1886-1920.
  • -Essays on education, the Kindergarten Movement, child psychology and classic literature.
  • -Correspondence between Elizabeth Harrison and her friends,colleagues and students.
  • -Notebooks and Journals.
  • -Drafts of published works, including the manuscript of her autobiography.
  • -Published and unpublished children's stories.
Papers of Edna Dean Baker (1883-1956), President 1920-1949.
  • -Correspondence
  • -Writings
Papers of Clara Belle Baker (1885-1961), founder of the Demonstration School (1917).
  • -Correspondence
  • -Writings
Photograph collections
  • -N.L.U. students, faculty, administrators.
  • -Buildings, classes, events.
  • -Notable individuals in the Kindergarten and Early Childhood Education movement dating from the 1880's such as Elizabeth Harrison and Edna Dean Baker.
  • -Athletic activities.
  • -Graduation ceremonies.
  • -The Baker Demonstration School.
University Records.
  • -Course Catalogs, 1894 to the present.
  • -Annual Reports of the College/University, 1917 to the present.
  • -Faculty Organization, 1920 to the present.
  • -Faculty Handbooks.
  • -Financial Documents.
  • -Accreditation Documents, 1950's to the present.
  • -Planning, 1960's to the present.
  • -Registrar's Records, 1895-1900's.
  • -Scrapbooks, Journals and Workbooks, 1890's-1900's.
  • -Student Handbooks.
  • -Clubs related to the Kindergarten Movement and N.L.U.
  • -Alumni Association Documents, 1905 to the present.
Demonstration School Documents (1917- )
  • -Curriculum records.
  • -Bulletins.
  • -Psychological and academic performance tests.
  • -Promotional materials.
  • -Yearbooks, 1916-1993.
  • -Our Guidon (Alumni Newsletter), 1922-1980's.
  • -Chaff (Student Newspaper), 1924-1967.
  • -National News Bulletin, 1927-1931.
  • -Faculty (News) Bulletin, 1931-1970.
  • -National College of Education Newsletter, 1922- present.
  • -National College of Education News, 1951-1980's.
  • -National View, 1975- present.
  • -N.C.E. Quarterly, 1979- present.
Book Collections

Elizbeth Harrison Personal Library.
  • -Hundreds of books owned by Elizabeth Harrison, including literature, history, education and childhood development, many containing her personal notes on these works.
President's Collection.
  • The published works of past presidents of National-Louis University and its predecessor institutions.
Rare Educational Book Collection.
  • Books on the kindergarten, education reform, and educational techniques dating from the mid-19th century. Some authors include Friedrich Froebel, Susan Blow and Kate Wiggins.
Education Journals from the 19th and early 20th Centuries.
  • -Kindergarten Day Nursery and Elementary Classes Journal, 1861-1880.
  • -Kindergarten Magazine, 1890-1916.
  • -Kindergarten Review, 1898-1903.
  • -International Kindergarten Union proceedings.

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